Under the direction of GMA Facilities Manager, Mark Guise, the Authority is divided into five departments:     

Water Production Department - Employees are concerned with providing the highest quality water economically feasible to all of GMA's customers.

Wastewater Treatment Department - This department is responsible for maintaining the Wastewater Treatment System to produce an environmentally safe discharge of sewage effluent to the Rock Creek.

Distribution and Collection - These employees are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the miles upon miles of underground water distribution and wastewater collection pipes, valves, hydrants, manholes, etc., through out the GMA system.

Maintenance Department - The Maintenance Department organizes our maintenance records and keeps work orders moving to keep our facilities running smoothly.  He is also responsible for solving all of our electrical problems.

Administrative Department - The Administrative Department is responsible for public, customer, and employee relations, as well as overseeing daily operations and project completions. They also read meters, and attend to accounting and billing needs.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Mark Guise GMA Facilities Manager