• How often am I billed for water/sewer service?

    GMA customers are billed quarterly. Payments are due upon receipt. A 10% penalty is applied after the date indicated on your payment stub.


  • How can I pay my bill? 

          - You can access our Customer Bill Pay Portal at:  https://gettysburgma.authoritypay.com

          - You can mail your payments to: GMA  P.O. Box 3307  Gettysburg, PA 17325

          - GMA  has drop boxes located at 601 E. Middle Street and 59 E. High Street, Gettysburg

          - Cash Payments WILL NOT be Accepted


  • Does GMA add flouride to the water?

           No.  GMA does not add flouride to the water system.


  • How do you determine how much water and sewer service I have used and how much to charge me?

    Your bills are based on the amount of water that passed through your meter since the last billing period. Sewer is not metered; instead, we base the amount charged for sewer on the amount of water that passes through your meter.  Your water is measured in 100 cubic feet; 100 cubic feet is equal to 748 gallons.


  • I water my garden and lawn in the summer. How will this affect my bills and what are my options?

    If you water outside during the summer, be prepared for a higher than normal Average Daily Consumption and bill charges. You will be charged both water and sewer for all water that passes through the domestic service meter.
    One option could be to use a rain barrel to capture rainwater from downspouts for use in your yard/garden.  A lid, mesh fabric or several drops of baby oil on the surface will prevent mosquitoes from breeding. 


  • What if my bill is very high, but I haven't watered outside?

    A bill that is higher than expected, but not due to outside watering, may indicate leaking toilets or pipes. One leaking toilet can lose as many as three to five gallons each minute, often silently. The three most common toilet leaks are: flapper, siphon tube, and overflow leaks.  To test your toilets for a flapper leak, put some food coloring into the top of your toilet tank, wait at least 20 minutes, then check the toilet bowl. If the color has seeped into the bowl, you have a flapper leak. In that case, using the turn off valve, turn off the toilet until it is repaired. If you  suspect a leak, contact a plumber. A delay in investigating the reasons for increased consumption can result in a future high bill.


  • I am leaving town for a few months...is it possible to have my water turned off temporarily?

Yes, you can make arrangements by calling (717) 334-6738 ext. 221. There is a fee for this service and you are still required to pay a quarterly minumum.  We suggest using your shut off valve located after the water service enters your property.  

  • I am selling my house. What do I have to do?

           Please complete the Gettysburg Municipal Authority's  "Final Bill Request" form and return to the                 Gettysburg Municipal Authority.